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With new technology, you can apply for loans online without leaving your home. Click on the "Get a loan" or "Borrow" button, fill in the form correctly.


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After you have applied for a loan through the form, you will receive an e-mail with a report of your application and a list of documents to be provided.


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You provide the information concerning your identity and a financial expert will help you until you obtain your loan after studying the files.

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You get your loan by bank transfer without travelling after your files have been studied and accepted.


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OfpGroups is an association of investors. With a large capital base, it provides various loans to people and companies in need and able to repay.

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I had a good experience with OfpGroups. I am grateful for the help you gave me. My loan was quick and easy. Thank you very much!

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Excellent responsiveness. Contact by phone to speed up paperwork. Pleasantly surprised, thank you

Dan Billson


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